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Our Services

Mosman Drive-In Chemist provides a wide range of services to individuals and organisations throughout Perth’s Western Suburbs. Our pharmaceutical staff are available seven days a week to assist with your medical enquiries.

Dosage Administration Aids (DAA’s  also known as Websterpaks)

At Mosman Drive-In Chemist we use the Webstercare multi-dose system. We can tailor dosage schedules to suit your individual requirements. The Webstercare system is universally known and respected and offers unmatched quality, reliability and accountability.

A recent study demonstrated that Webster-paks helped improve patient prescription compliance from 64% to 91%, even after six months.

Ask our friendly team about our Dosage Administration Aids and how they might assist with the management of your medication.

Surgical Hire & Sales

We have a range of hire products form crutches, wheelchairs, shower chairs, blood pressure machines, walkers etc available for you to hire from daily, weekly or monthly periods. If you prefer to purchase any surgical products we can also provide these and many other products that you may require for daily living or for acute management reasons such as hip or knee replacement operation recovery.

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