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Flu Vaccinations


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The new 2017 Quad Valent influenza vaccine is in stock now and you can drop in for your vaccination now or phone and make a time convenient to you.

This year we again have the influenza vaccination service into our practice where anyone that meets the Health Dept WA criteria for vaccination, can have their vaccination done on site at Mosman Drive In Chemist in the privacy of our consulting room. This means if you wish to have your vaccination we can do so at your convenience.

Today, prevention is our major weapon against influenza. You can help protect yourself by making sure your lifestyle is healthy with regular exercise you enjoy and a daily diet that includes the widest possible variety of foods. And, of course, annual vaccination against the flu is recommended for all people in high risk categories.

Everyone 65 years or older should have the flu vaccine. As well, at any age, you should be vaccinated if you have an ongoing illness such as diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, heart or circulation problems, or compromised immunity as a result of HIV, cancer or longer-term steroid use.

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